About Us

Shecare is established in the late 2017. Behind the name SHECARE is made because we take things personally and care very much about our customers’ well-being. SHECARE isn’t just like any other skincare online shop in Indonesia. We curate products through careful consideration, personally tried on, loved, reviewed and proven. We give out honest review and advices to our customers. We communicate and befriend with our customers and therefore, the trust within the followers and the online shop is built firm. 
Not only that, we also spread awareness of going green for a better world. We want to extend our hand to save our planet Earth. SHECARE’s packaging are mostly earth-friendly. Our most wanted pouch is reusable , spacious and very useful. We encourage our customers to be wise and to go green. Our polymailers are made from a specific type of bio-cassava , that may be composted with home composting method and will be a fertilizer for plantations. 
After all, SHE CARE 🙂